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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Personal Training Sessions Available!

  Personal Training is the best way to guarantee the maximum results for your time and money no matter your goals; bigger, thinner, stronger, faster, performance based or just to feel better! The personal approach ensures 100% of the focus is on you and your specific goals.

Current qualification for personal training clientele consists of being within Tampa Bay area and a strong desire to achieve your goals with conviction.

Current personal training clientele ranges from stay at home moms to military personnel to CEO's and professional executives.

Personal Training Sessions are 30minutes long and include a variety of exercises, modalities and equipment to achieve the maximum results with the greatest rate of progression.
- All personal training clients receive an all-inclusive fitness assessment testing to ensure accurate tracking as well as informative documentation. Fitness assessment includes anthropometric measurements, cardiovascular endurance testing, muscular endurance testing, flexibility testing and skinfold caliper body fat testing.
- All personal training clients receive documentation of each session to ensure a thorough understanding of each session as well as the ability to continue the routine independently.
- All Sessions are to be utilized within 30days of purchase unless otherwise noted.
- 24hr Cancellation policy states any sessions cancelled within less than 24hrs will not be re-scheduled. If a session needs to be rescheduled please contact me to do so!
- Referral Credit: Any client who refers another individual new client will receive one (1) additional 30minute session. There is no limit on referrals. Each referral must become a new client prior to referral credit session being given. Ex: Refer 10 friends & 7 become new clients --> 7 additional sessions will be credited to your client file!

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