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Friday, September 27, 2013

Ask SportsnFitness: Bored with Weight Training. Variations for Continued Progression?

Recently, one of my clients approached me about wanting to improve and progress her strength and workouts. She is limited to the small gym within her work building. Therefore, the options are somewhat limited when it comes to creating new and exciting workouts. Luckily, there is always room for growth and improvement. This is usually the case with smaller facilities, apartment complex gyms, hotel gyms etc.

Here are a variety of options for adjusting and varying the intensity/format of your weight training routine.

Weight Training Variety Options:

Single Set Straight Through
Perform one set of each exercise in your routine. Once complete, repeat the exercises in the same order again until you complete your desired amount of sets for the total workout. Progression Option: Switch up the order in which you perform the exercises.
Example: If you always perform biceps curl, then triceps extension, then shoulder press; do the reverse order with shoulder press, then triceps extension, then biceps curl. You can continue doing this for any order of combination (triceps extension, arm curl, shoulder press – shoulder press, biceps curl, triceps extension etc.)

Perform all sets of the same exercise until desired amount of sets achieved. Continue to next exercise in your routine and follow the same approach. Progression Option: Switch up the order in which you do exercises.
Example: If you always perform superset chest press then perform superset triceps extension; do the reverse order with triceps extension first etc.

Abbreviated Rest Periods Cardio Perform exercise and then limit your resting time to 20-45seconds before performing the next exercise. Continue until all exercises in your routine have been completed with 20-45seconds rest in between each one.

Cardio Bursts
Perform exercise and then perform a simple cardio burst exercise for 30-60seconds. Continue until all exercises in your routine have been completed while incorporating 30-60seconds cardio bursts in between each exercise.
Example: Cardio Burst Options: - Jumping Jacks - Jump Rope - March in Place - High Knee March in Place - High Knee Jog - Walking Lunges - Speed Squats (Squats w/quicker tempo) - Mountain Climbers - Bunny Hops Forwards & Backwards - Box Hops (Two feet or Staggered Feet : Hop in shape of square)

Perform each exercise at a slightly lighter weight (5-10lbs lighter) and continue to perform exercise for 15-20 reps. Continue to follow this format for the remainder of your routine with all exercises.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!
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