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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Contest Prep - Day #2 Rest Day & a Refeed

Woke up at really late. I planned to go to a 9am bootcamp right near the condo. I drank my 1st meal (protein powder), ate my TB of peanut butter and scooted out the door. (Side Note: There is nothing grosser than tasting/feeling your peanut butter come back up during high intensity exercise. Thanks Coach!)
I pulled up for this bootcamp and was super nervous. I always drove by the place and saw a huge crowd of people just working doing everything imaginable with a live DJ and everything. So I figured I should definitely give it a try; especially because I’m getting a little bored with the stairmaster. I mean really, I’m climbing to nowhere and each time I have to go faster.

75 of the most intense minutes of my life later, bootcamp was finished. I felt like a million bucks and 12 cents all at the same time. What an awesome group of people! There were so many exercises and variety it is impossible to get bored. Drank some BCAAs and headed home for meal #2. Luckily today was an Off Day, a Re-Feed night AND date night. (Woo Hoo) The rest of the day was spent doing errands etc. I was told to add some extra carbs to Meal #4 (yay!) so that was exciting. I was really looking forward to date night/sushi night. One of my fellow performers was in town so I planned to swing by and see her after sushi.

When we went to dinner, it was funny. I wasn’t able to go ham on too much food. I got really full really quickly. I had a few Cali rolls, Avocado Rolls, Veggie Roll & Dragon Roll. After that we headed over to Universal’s City Walk to see my girl do her thing. I had such a blast walking around taking pictures with the Hard Rock sign (Shoutout to my SHRT girls!) which reminded me of my days as a Hard Rock girl. Snapped a photo in front of that huge rotating globe thing and then went over to see the performance. What a perfect night! The only thing that made it better was seeing my future dream car parked 4 spaces over from my car. White Maserati Quattroporte ! She was an older model 4 door, so not quite my Gran Turismo, but hey I’m not complaining.
After my impromptu Maserati photo-shoot I headed home for yet another meal. (This girl likes to eat!) Meal #6 was chicken & rice with a little extra rice.

What a night. Should be super fueled for leg day tomorrow with all these carbs!

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