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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Contest Prep – Day #5 Christmas Eve Arms

This morning was completely off-schedule. I slept through all 3 alarms for morning cardio. I had orientation at human resources at 9am and woke up at 8:39a. NICE Ashley. I don’t have time to make anything so I grab my shaker and head out the door. I sleep in my gym clothes to make it easier in the morning, but today I guess I am going to orientation extremely casual (yet comfy!). On the way there I’m trying to get in meal #1. Luckily it’s just protein powder and almond butter. Unfortunately I only had a little bit of water left to mix and entire cup with. (Can you say chunky?!) But it had to be done.

I make it to orientation on time and I brought in meals #2 & #3. I didn’t know how long orientation would be but I wanted to be prepared. After an hour I was done (when they say it’s fast track orientation, they aren’t kidding!) I was so tired that I came home and just passed out. I would wake up for each meal of course.

Around 5pm I went to work arms and since every gym I’m a member of closed early I just went to the park for TRX arms. I structured the whole workout with compound movements so I can just zip through and added in some plyos for conditioning. It was a nice change of pace and scenery to lift outdoors and definitely broke up the routine.

The rest of the night was spent lounging around just waiting for my next meal. Tomorrow is Christmas and I will be doing some HIIT out of tradition. I’ve always done a 5mile 5am run on Christmas back home in Boston (it’s always snowing and very peaceful to just pound the pavement) but will switch over to some sort of HIIT. I still haven’t decided.

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