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Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Running Mechanics

Running Tips to Improve Form, Function and Speed

Arm Swing
Make sure your arms are moving with purpose and good form. Most recreational runners tend to let their arms sway side to side across the body. You want your arms to stay in line with the shoulders; so wrists, elbows and shoulders should be closely aligned.
- Elbows should bend 90degrees
- Wrists should move from hips to the chin or temple
- Arms are in line not moving across the body side to side
TIP: Run with your thumbs turned out & away from the body to aid in keeping your elbows tucked in.

Exercise - Plate Swings
This exercise will aid in helping with muscle memory as well as both strength and endurance.
1. Stand with feet hip width apart and slightly hinged forward from the hips with the core and glutes engaged.
2. Hold a plate (5-10#) in each hand with elbows bent 90degrees mimicing running form.
3. Begin swinging the plates as if you were running.
4. Work up to 30seconds at a time and/or increasing your speed until you mimic the arm swing of a sprint.

Leg Swing
Just like the arms, you want the legs to move with purpose and good form. Most recreational runners barely pick up the feet and/or bend the knees. You want the knees to bend almost or up to 90degrees just like the elbows to ensure maximum range of motion.
- Face the wall and swing the leg as high up laterally as you can with good form and core control
- Ankles should be in line with the knees and hips throughout the entire movement
- Rotate so the shoulder is parallel to the wall and repeat the movement swinging the leg straight up in front

TIP: Imagine you are running through high grass to aid in picking up the legs with each step.

Exercise - Hurdle Walks Forward
These exercises will help to loosen the hips and hamstrings.
1. Lift the knee up 90degrees out to the side
2. Rotate the knee forward and place the foot down
3. Repeat on the other leg

Exercise - Hurdle Walks Backwards
These exercises will help to loosen the hips and hamstrings.
1. Lift the knee up 90degrees directly in front of the hip
2. Rotate the knee backwards and out to the side
3. Place the foot down and repeat on the other leg

Exercise - Straight Leg March
These exercises will help to loosen up the hips and hamstrings.
1. Take a step and swing the R leg up straight while reaching for the toe with the L hand.
2. Take a step and swing the L leg up straight while reaching for the toe with the R hand.
3. Repeat 10-30 strides

There is a lot of wasted movement for recreational runners who are not maximixing their strides. Most recreational runners do not open up their stride so there is a great deal of wasted movement. You want the foot to reach out in front for a greater stride length and maximum coverage.
- Aim for the hip and knee to bend to 90degrees
- Focus on extending the calf and foot out in front of the body
- Utilize proper arm swing to aid in lifting the body up and forward
TIP: Lean slightly forward and imagine you are striding over hurdles that are approximately knee height and 1-2ft in front of you.

Exercise - Standing Striding
This exercise will aid in helping with muscle memory as well as encouraging the hips to open.
1. Stand with R. shoulder facing the wall and R. hand placed on wall.
2. Keep slight bend in L. knee while keeping core engaged.
3. Bring R. knee up to 90degrees.
4. Quickly extend leg out & forward until ball of the foot scrapes along the floor.
5. As R. foot becomes aligned with L. foot, immediately pick up & repeat #3-5.
6. Repeat on L. leg

Of course every runner wants to be faster, but what is being done to improve it? A very simple way to noticeably increase your speed and decrease your overall mile time is to perform intervals on the treadmill. HIIT is a very structured intense method of performing intervals. Performing HIIT on the treadmill will not only make you faster, but will also burn a great deal of calories in less time than steady state running pace.
- Aim for 30-60second intervals
- Make sure you have at least 60sec recovery time (walk, jog or slow run) if you are just starting out.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Buy & Sell Fitness Partnership

Thursday, March 6, 2014