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Friday, January 29, 2010


Today is my birthday, so I'm dedicating a post to some 'sports n fitness' people also born today.


Barrington, Tom
Bironas, Rob
Blevins, Tony
Boose, Dorian
Boures, Emil
Bradley, Mark
Brightful, Lamont
Burnett, Ray
Carson, Kern
Clinton, Charles
Crane, Paul
Davis, Scott
Donahue, Mark
Fountaine, Jamal
Gafford, Thomas
Galbreath, Tony
Galiffa, Arnie
Gray, Dan
Green, Harold
Guenther, Gregg
Harrison, Max
Hempstead, Hessley
Hibler, Mike
Hudson, John
Ivory, Bob
Johnson, Tim
Karras, Johnny
Kingsriter, Doug
Kirksey, William
La fleur, David
Lopasky, Bill
Mattiace, Frank
Mitchell, Jeff
Momsen, Tony
Moten, Bobby
Nelsen, Bill
Pruitt, James
Reed, Andre
Semes, Bernie
Sims, Pat
Smith, Dan
Stanley, Chad
Stephens, Darnell
Stief, Dave
Stonesifer, Don
Stroud, Jack
Tomberlin, Pat
Wendt, Ken
Wetzel, Marty
Wheeler, Ernie
Williams, Aeneas
Young, Robert


Ballard, Greg 1977-1988
Barnett, Nate 1975-1975
Cambridge, Dexter 1992-1992
Gasol, Marc 2008-
Hagan, Tom 1969-1970
Hogsett, Bob 1966-1967
Jordan, Eddie 1977-1983
King, Stacey 1989-1996
Roberts, Marv 1971-1976


Bordeleau, Paulin (C) 1973-1975
Boughner, Barry (RW) 1969-1970
Bourque, Chris (LW) 2007-2008
Burke, Sean (G) 1987-2006
Cochrane, Glen (D) 1978-1988
Contini, Joe (C) 1977-1980
Curtale, Tony (D) 1980-1980
Doig, Jason (D) 1995-
Dome, Robert (RW) 1997-2002
Foligno, Mike (F) 1979-1993
Gleason, Tim (D) 2005-2008
Greiss, Thomas (G) 2006-2007
Harris, Billy (RW) 1972-1983
Hergerts, Fred (C) 1934-1935
Holmes, Louis (C) 1931-1932
Kastelic, Ed (F) 1985-1991
Mihalik, Vladimir (D) 2008-2008
Murdoch, Bob (F) 1975-1978
Parker, Scott (RW) 1998-2007
Passmore, Steve (G) 1998-
Potvin, Marc (RW) 1990-1995
Quinn, Pat (D) 1968-1976
Risebrough, Doug (F) 1974-1986
Stephenson, Wayne (G) 1971-1980
Tolepko, Denis (C) 2007-2007
Tselios, Nikos (D) 2001-2001
Wandell, Tom (C) 2008-2008
Wanvig, Kyle (RW) 2002-2007


Mike Aldrete 1961 Carmel California USA
Art Allison 1849 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Alex Avila 1987 Hialeah Florida USA
Jim Baumer 1931 Tulsa Oklahoma USA
Bobby Bolin 1939 Hickory Grove South Carolina USA
Morgan Burkhart 1972 St. Louis Missouri USA
Dick Burrus 1898 Hatteras North Carolina USA
Bart Cantz 1860 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Esty Chaney 1891 Hadley Pennsylvania USA
Hy Cohen 1931 Brooklyn New York USA
John Coleman 1860 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Ed Conwell 1890 Chicago Illinois USA
Brian Edmondson 1973 Fontana California USA
Hank Edwards 1919 Elmwood Place Ohio USA
Elmer Eggert 1902 Rochester New York USA
Sergio Ferrer 1951 Santurce PUR
John Fuller 1950 Lynwood California USA
John Habyan 1964 Bay Shore New York USA
Ray Hayworth 1904 High Point North Carolina USA
Red Howell 1909 Atlanta Georgia USA
Jair Jurrjens 1986 Curacao NED
Bill Krieg 1859 Petersburg Illinois USA
Denny McKnight 1848 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA
Brian Meyer 1963 Camden New Jersey USA
Dick Mills 1945 Boston Massachusetts USA
Julio Mosquera 1972 Panama City PAN
Lance Niekro 1979 Winter Haven Florida USA
Miguel Ojeda 1975 Sonora MEX
Pat Patterson 1897 Belleville Illinois USA
Tony Pierce 1946 Brunswick Georgia USA
Otto Rettig 1894 New York New York USA
Bill Rigney 1918 Alameda California USA
Kevin Roberson 1968 Decatur Illinois USA
Jim Robertson 1928 Chicago Illinois USA
Steve Sax 1960 Sacramento California USA
Jason Schmidt 1973 Lewiston Idaho USA
Hack Simmons 1885 Brooklyn New York USA
Jim Tyrone 1949 Alice Texas USA
Ollie Voigt 1899 Wheaton Illinois USA
Bill Voiselle 1919 Greenwood South Carolina USA


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FITNESS POST: Weight Is Just a Number

Funny how people weigh themselves constantly watching the numbers on the scale go up & down like a yo-yo. Well, not funny actually, it could be pretty upsetting depending on how long you've been trying to achieve that ideal weight for yourself.

I can't speak for anyone but I can tell you personally I've found it frustrating to see the numbers on the scale change constantly throughout one day let alone one week. Here's a new technique I've come up with that won't distract me or throw my training off track. Instead of hopping on the scale and reading the numbers, I'm basing my weight off 3 Important Factors:

1. How I Feel

2. How My Clothes Fit

3. My Measurements

Sure stepping on the scale is easier, but it's definitely not very accurate. Think of it this way. Weight is distributed different for each body. For example, someone who is 5 feet tall and weighs 130lbs will look very different from someone who is 6 feet tall and weighs 130lbs. Also, lean muscle mass will cause someone to weigh more since muscle weighs more than fat.

For Example:

Three women, Michelle Parker (Fitness Competitor) America Ferrerra (Movie/TV Actress) and Nicole Richie (Socialite) are all 5'1''. Look at their bodies and see how different they all look.

Weight maintenance is different for everyone and weight distribution is also unique to each individual. It will save you a lot of frustration and unnecessary stress if you try to evaluate your progress based on those 3 Important Factors.

Keep up the hard work and you will see results!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1st Post

Welcome to the Sports n Fitness blog.

This is the place for everything sports n fitness related.

You will see workouts, sports discussions, rants, exercise tips, nutrition information and much, much more!

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy creating it!