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Friday, November 5, 2010


NY Marathon is this Sunday!

During my run this morning, I was listening to my favorite morning show on JAMN 94.5 FM ( and Ramiro will be running the NY marathon.

Marathons I've Run
- Boston Marathon (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
- Philadelphia, PA Half Marathon (2006)
- Tallahassee, FL Half Marathon (2009)

Here are some tips for those running Sunday or those looking to run a marathon:

- Be sure to get plenty of rest 48hrs before the race. (That's right 48hrs meaning Friday night should be an early night for those of you running this Sunday)

- 48hrs before the race, load up on complex carbohydrates to fuel you throughout your run.

- The day before the race: relax, stretch and rest.

- Eat a hearty breakfast. (normal foods you've eaten before, nothing new!)

- Be sure to bring gloves, hat, poncho (you can always discard later).

- Wear shoes you've run long distance in before so you know you won't get blisters. (Never run in Brand New shoes!)

- Be sure to wear cushioned, comfortable socks.

- Hydrate A LOT before the race (3-4hrs).

- Be sure to go to the bathroom as much as possible.

- Relax and enjoy yourself. Tell yourself you will accomplish this, and this is what those months of training were for.

- Start out slow/on pace. (Let all the eager runners zoom past you because by mile 16 you will be cruising past them while they are walking & regretting starting out too quickly)

- There will be a lot of traffic at the start, spend a lot of time looking at your feet and those around you to make sure you're not trampled!

- Run in tangents! (Tangent: the straightest line possible. If the race curves to the right, get as close to the right as you can. If the race curves to the left, get as close to the left as you can.) This will save you time and effort.

- Run on the crown of the road. Roads are built so water will drain off them. The highest point or 'crown' of the road is usually in the middle. If the race is straight for a long time, try to position yourself on top of the crown so you don't have added stress on one ankle/leg from running at a slight angle.

- Wear crappy layers you can shed on your route that you don't mind losing. (Boston will collect all the clothes & donate to charity, NY might do the same)

- If it's raining duct tape ventilation on your shoes to keep your feet dry as long as possible.

- Marathons are 70% mental, the rest is left, right & breathe.

- If you get a cramp, stitch etc be sure to walk/stretch through it rather than just run and ignore it. (Listen to your body!)

- There are water stations every mile or half mile depending on the run, be sure not to over hydrate. (You'll have lots of water bouncing around in your stomach)

- If there is some sort of injury/fall, Boston has Red Cross Medical stations every mile or two and NY probably does the same so be sure to stop & get checked out.

- Don't try any new foods or anything new the day of the race! Keep everything the same! (If you haven't tried the PowerGel or any of the running foods don't try it during the race. Stick to foods your body is used to)

- Good foods would be bananas (potassium for muscle cramps), pretzels/chips (salt to retain water), cookies/candy (sugar for short-term energy), water (hydration) and sports drinks (electrolytes to stay hydrated for long periods of time).

- Marathons are a journey and challenge your mental tenacity. Be sure to keep your motivation (thoughts, kids, charity etc) your main focus to get it done!

- If you can't continue running, take a break and walk the uphills while jogging the downhills.

- Towards the middle/end of Boston a lot of people are within reach and wanting to slap runners high five, be careful as some are going to slap you high five HARD and may knock you over. (Conserve your energy!)

- Take pictures! It's an event you will definitely want to remember!

- Make sure your shoe chip is attached securely to your laces and/or zip tied tightly!

- Tell everyone your bib # (the chip attached to your shoe will track you so people can see when you cross each mile marker).

- Once it's over, be sure to stretch A LOT!

- Splurge & get a sports massage designed specifically for athletes after competition.

Good Luck to all the Runners!
Especially 23234!

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