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Friday, March 2, 2012

Booty Booster Workout: Part VI

Booty Booster is Back!

Try this move for great uplift and toning of that booty.

This move can be done virtually anywhere. All you need is a resistance band! A heavy to medium resistance band will work best.

- Place a foot in toe first, through the handle so that the handle is underneath the arch of your foot (for those with smaller feet) or underneath the ball of your foot (for those with medium feet).
- Do the same with the other foot.
- Grab the middle of the band so each hand is making a fist and shoulder-width apart.
- Point your toes to keep the handles in place and kneel down into quadriped position (hands & knees).
- Your fists and knees should be shoulder-width apart and hip-width apart respectively.
- Fully extend one leg behind and up while contracting the glutes.
- Aim for 15-20 reps each side.

Make the move even harder by walking both fists farther away from your toes.

This is a great move for those who travel, don't have time for the gym and still want a great looking booty!

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