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Friday, February 19, 2010

AFAA Personal Training Certification *Part #5*

These posts are designed to help those who are considering getting their personal training certification through AFAA. I registered and wasn't sure what to expect, so I thought I would give a play-by-play of the 3-day course. Post #1 gave an overview. This post will go into detail about Study Tips.

- Study ahead of time
- Make an outline for your studying
- Familiarize yourself with boldface terms in textbook
- Know your anatomy, kinesiology & physiology
- Be familiar with a variety of fitness equipment
- Know proper form and techniques

- Most Importantly: RELAX!

Test Format:
There are 3 portions for the test.
1. Practical - Case Study w/Practical Demonstration & Explanation
2. Written Multiple Choice - 120 Questions
3. Visual Discernment (within Written) - 20 Questions


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  2. Could you tell me about the case study for the practical? I can find tons of examples for the group exercise certification but not for one-on-one.

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