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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


And the Saints win it!

For the first time in franchise history, the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl.

Selling the New Orleans Saints just got a whole lot easier.

Sports sales and marketing is a tricky thing sometimes. How can you sell a team thats 0-4 in the season or has a 19 game losing streak similar to that of the 2009 New Jersey Nets?

Ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you its much easier to sell a winning team than a losing one. But here's the catch, whether it's football, baseball, basketball, hockey; there is only one winning team. Eventually all the teams on their hot streaks will die off until there is just one. After all, only one team can win the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup etc.

The majority of fans will tell you all the wins up until the big championship won't mean anything if they lose it in the final game. For example, the 2007 season for the New England Patriots marked history as they went 16-0. They couldn't pull off a final W for the Super Bowl and the fans were not happy.

Sales didn't necessarily decrease, but they weren't able to pull in those casual fans who want to celebrate the epitome of sport success.

Sure it's easy to sell a winning team, but riddle me this:

How do you sell a team that is losing? or How do you sell a team that doesn't lose all the team but doesn't do well enough to make it to the playoffs or championship game?

The answer to the riddle?
One word: Creativity!

It's much more entertaining and interesting to see what the sales & marketing teams can do to market a team that's not at the top of their game. Some sports team's marketing/sales department should embrace creativity to the fullest. When marketing a losing team: it may be advantageous to embrace the reality of their standings, it may serve well to use humor to entertain the fans, sympathize with the die-hard fans who are suffering through the season, get the players/coaches/mascot etc involved in marketing efforts and the last thing a good sales/marketing team should do is maintain motivation and dedication.

From season to season, records change and the rankings fluctuate. Too many times do people give up based on a poor season. A good marketing and sales team will maintain composure and work hard to improve their efforts during a losing season and during a winning season.

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