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Friday, April 30, 2010

Shoulder Rehabilitation/Conditioning Exercises

The shoulder is a truly impressive joint in the body. The shoulder is the only joint in the body that can rotate 360 degrees forwards and backwards. Being the most mobile joint in the body, this can create a lack of stability within the joint. Think of it like this: If a metal rod is able to move and rotate in so many different directions, how securely can that metal rod be secured to its stand. In order to be able to attain that level of mobility, the foundation stability is sacrificed. This is why the shoulder is more susceptible to dislocations and subluxations.

For those of you who have been very lucky and have never had severe shoulder issues, congratulations. However, it is wise to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints to ensure future stability and optimum joint health.

For those of you with rotator cuff issues, shoulder surgery or any stiffness in the joint, rehabilitation and conditioning exercises will definitely help in joint healing and joint strength progression.

3 Effective Shoulder Conditioning/Rehab Exercises:

1. Wall Roll-Ups

2. Wall Circles

3. Circles in the Sand

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