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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cell Phone Texting Workout

The Compulsive Texter's Workout

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone and the majority most likely use it more often than their own mouths. Here's how to take advantage of your texting addiction and serving a great fitness purpose at the same time.

The Compulsive Cell Phone User can incorporate a great cardio routine during their newest addiction in a variety of ways.
Whether using the elliptical, upright bike, recumbent bike, treadmill, stairmaster or jogging outside; this is the perfect workout to keep you distracted and motivated to burn calories.

For the warm-up:
- Use the cell phone to send a text message/email/instant message/Blackberry Messenger etc

- Once you've sent your message, begin your cardio workout (Increase your speed on your machine or begin running)
- When you receive a response to your text message/email/instant message/Blackberry Messenger etc bring your workout back down to a comfortable state where you can safely respond.
- After sending the message, increase your cardio intensity.
- Continue to do this throughout the entire conversation or until you feel you've had a good workout.

This type of interval training is not timed as it will be random depending on the length of the messages as well as the response time. For those who spend a good amount of time sending and receiving messages, this is a truly GREAT way to be social, productive and fit all at the same time!

- Be sure to adjust your intensity accordingly so you are getting an efficient workout
- Make sure you are being safe and paying attention (not texting while jogging down the street)

Get Fit and Get Texting!

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