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Friday, May 21, 2010

Gym Germ Tips

Whether we like to address it or not, gyms are not always the cleanest place. People are pushing their bodies to the limits and there is a lot of sweat to show for it. Gyms can be a breeding ground for germs, diseases and infections. This is not meant to scare anyone away from the gym, but more so to educate on ways to avoid the funk.

Tip #1
- Use antibacterial lotion often in addition to washing your hands with soap & water. Your gym should have antibacterial lotion stations throughout the gym to use before and after a workout.

Tip #2
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and ears during your workout. These areas have tissue that can be susceptible to infections rather easily. Take care to avoid spreading germs to these areas.

Tip #3
- Maintain personal space. A sneeze can travel up to 6 feet away! Be sure to give those around you space to workout as well as keeping yourself enough personal space.

Tip #4
- Bring your own workout towel. Using the gym towels is a convenience and they should be laundered properly, but for those of you with trust issues or professional germ-phobes bringing your own towel will ensure you know where your towel has been. Use the towel to limit contact with equipment and benches.

Tip #5
- Wash your gym equipment. Believe it or not bacteria can grow on pretty much anything. Be sure to wash your gym bag, gym shoes, yoga mat and even your water bottle container.

Tip #6
- Wear shoes/flip flops in the locker room whether you are showering or just changing outfits. Germs and bacteria flourish in damp places. Protect your feet from these germs with shoes.

Just Remember:
Be smart about your workouts!

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