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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cravings & Healthy Alternatives

Cravings. Everybody gets them. What to do with them? Select a healthy option to satisfy them.

Craving: Sweets
- Opt for something close to what you're craving. I personally like to use Weight Watchers Snack Cakes.
- Put them in the fridge for a cooler taste.

Craving: Cereal/Breakfast food
- Cereal can have hidden amounts of sugar. It is better to make your own cereal or have a healthier breakfast.
- Granola and fruit can be a great homemade cereal. Steel cut/Rolled oats mixed with fruit can provide healthier oatmeal rather than instant oatmeal (lots of sugar).

Craving: Crunchy
- Trail mix or any nut mix is a great, healthy way to satisfy this craving.

Craving: Salty
- Try popcorn, pistachio nuts, Sun Chips or Pita Chips.

Cravings are hard to assess and overcome successfully.
Tips to address cravings in a healthy way include drinking water prior to choosing a snack.
Break up the snack with an activity. Instead of eating all at one time. Have a bite, walk around or do something.

Start small and make big changes!

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