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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plyometric Track Workout

Plyometrics. Jump-training is what it means. Plyometrics are a great way to incorporate strength training and cardiovascular training. Jump training requires the body to generate power through the muscles for quick moves. Incorporating plyometrics into your fitness regimen will help you improve both your strength and cardiovascular ability.

Here are the moves in the workout:

1. Carioca
- Quick feet drill (Also known as a 'grapevine').

2. Side Shuffle
- Stay low in a squat with minimal upper body movement.

3. Power Skips
- Swing hard with the arms and get high off the ground.

4. High Knees
- Aim for the knees to come above the hips as quickly as possible.

5. Glute Kicks
- Take small steps and try to literally kick your glutes every time.

6. Lunges
- Take large steps and go slow with perfect form.

7. Squat Jumps
- Leap as far forward as possible and hold the squat once landed.

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