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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exercises for Perky Chest

Ladies are always looking for ways to improve themselves. Whether it's makeup, clothing, jewelry or exercise there are multiple ways to improve.

For ladies looking to improve and uplift their chest, this is a great set of exercises to do just that.

DB Pullover
1. Begin lying on a bench holding the head of a DB with both hands. (DB should be fairly heavy)
NOTE: Feet can be flat on the ground or elevated to ensure a flat back with no arch. (Video demos both)
2. Holding DB above the face with straight arms (soft bend in elbow).
3. Slowly lower DB back behind head until activating full stretch of chest and pectoral muscles.
4. Exhale and return to starting position with DB directly above face.

Decline Pushup
1. Similar to normal pushups, except feet are elevated.

BOSU Pushup
1. Holding the edges of the BOSU, begin in pushup position.
2. The goal is to try to stabilize and eliminate all movement during BOSU pushup.

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