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Please consult a physician
prior to attempting any of
the example workout routines
showcased in this blog.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Move of the Month: Frog Leaps

Sick of squats and lunges?
Ready to take it to the next level.

Try Frog Leaps!
Frog Leaps

1. Begin in squat position.
2. Using all the power from the legs, drive the body upward and forward.
3. Land with soft knees in a squat position.
4. Repeat trying to focus on exploding as high and/or as far forward as you can.
Repeat 20-50yds.

Exercises for Perky Chest

Ladies are always looking for ways to improve themselves. Whether it's makeup, clothing, jewelry or exercise there are multiple ways to improve.

For ladies looking to improve and uplift their chest, this is a great set of exercises to do just that.

DB Pullover
1. Begin lying on a bench holding the head of a DB with both hands. (DB should be fairly heavy)
NOTE: Feet can be flat on the ground or elevated to ensure a flat back with no arch. (Video demos both)
2. Holding DB above the face with straight arms (soft bend in elbow).
3. Slowly lower DB back behind head until activating full stretch of chest and pectoral muscles.
4. Exhale and return to starting position with DB directly above face.

Decline Pushup
1. Similar to normal pushups, except feet are elevated.

BOSU Pushup
1. Holding the edges of the BOSU, begin in pushup position.
2. The goal is to try to stabilize and eliminate all movement during BOSU pushup.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Kind of Plank

Are You Bored of the Normal Forearms and Toes Plank?

Try these variations for a new way to challenge your core!

3 Way Knee Palm Plank
1. Start on palms and toes.
2. Bring your knee to the outside of the palms. Then return to starting position.
3. Bring your knee in between both palms. Then return to starting position.
4. Bring your knee to the outside of the opposite palm. Then return to starting position.
Repeat 3x or more.


3 Way Knee Forearm Plank
1. Start on forearms and toes.
2. Bring your knee to the outside of the forearms. Then return to starting position.
3. Bring your knee in between both forearms. Then return to starting position.
4. Bring your knee to the outside of the opposite forearm. Then return to starting position.
Repeat 3x or more.

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10 Reasons to Hire/Fire A Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer can be a great thing if you do your research, or it can be not so great.

Hiring a trainer is a big step. Entrusting your body and health in a personal trainer can be intimidating and somewhat scary to some people. The first step is deciding if you want/need to hire a personal trainer.

10 Reasons to Hire a PT:
1. You're Not Seeing Results You Want or In The Time You Need

2. You Don't Know How to Organize Your Exercise Programs

3. You're Bored or Have Hit a Plateau

4. You Are No Longer Challenged

5. You Need Accountability and Motivation

6. You Have Specific Illness, Condition, Injury etc.

7. You're Training For A Sport, Event or Competition

8. You Want Professional Supervision and Support

9. You Want to Learn How to Exercise On Your Own

10. You Want Workout Programs Tailored to You and Your Body

10 Reasons You Need to Fire Your PT:
1. Your PT cancels frequently.
A good way to gauge is if your PT cancels 2x or more without 24hrs notice and is not an emergency. Your time is valuable too!

2. Your PT doesn't return phone calls/emails within 24-28hrs.

3. Your PT doesn't listen to/ask for your feedback.
If your PT is giving you the same workouts over & over and you provide feedback that they do not acknowledge, it's time to get a new PT. You have every right to ask questions about the program design.

4. Your PT pushes questionable supplements.
If your PT has their own agenda for selling supplements or they are consistently pushing the supplements it may be time to look for another PT.

5. Your PT diagnoses injuries.
Unless your PT is a medical exercise specialist, only a DR. has the authority to diagnose injuries. Your PT can give speculations or suggestions, but should never diagnose. A PT should always refer clients to a DR.

6. You don't get along.
You don't have to be best friends with your PT, but there should be some compatibility between the personalities. If your PT barks orders and is condescending and you are very sensitive to criticism, be sure to voice your preference of motivation or get a new PT that fits your preference.

7. Your PT acts inappropriately.
If your PT ever acts unprofessionally, fire ASAP. If your PT makes you feel uncomfortable, if they hit on you, if they contact you to make their personal feelings known, fire ASAP.

8. You feel taken advantage of or PT does not give you full attention.
If you feel your PT is not dedicating the amount of time, focus and effort to you, then you need to find a serious more professional PT. If you feel your PT is only there for making a quick buck, fire ASAP.

9. Your PT doesn't show you documentation of certifications and waivers.
Make sure your PT is what they say they are. If they are certified, ask to see the certifications. If they are insured (AND THEY SHOULD BE) ask for proof of insurance.

10. You are fully capable.
Not always a bad thing to fire your PT. If they have done their job, you are now fully able to work out on your own and get results. Leave the relationship in a positive light, because you never know when you will hit another fitness plateau.