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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Tribute

Happy Mother's Day to All!

Mother's Day is interesting. It's an entire day set aside to show appreciation to all the mother's out there. That is really great but wouldn't it be more realistic and better if you were to treat every day like mother's day? Think about it. The only reason any of us exist is because of our mothers. I can't speak for anyone else but my mom is nothing short of amazing. There are not enough words in any language to begin to describe how influential, helpful and awesome my mom is. So how do I go about trying to show my appreciation, respect, gratitude and love for my mom in just a single day?! 

My mom is the epitome of what a mother should be. She is a strong, powerful woman who stops at nothing to achieve what she wants or what she feels is best for her family. Growing up my mom was always super independent, kicking ass and taking names at work. She would show up early, fix problems other incompetent people had made and then do her work plus stay late to ensure everything was running smoothly. On top of all of that she would make sure we were picked up from school and taken care of. The older I got, the more I realized how much my mom really did for all of us. It's one thing to do the perceived 'normal' motherly things like getting the kids ready for school, making meals, helping with homework etc. My mom was always there to ensure we not only were we taken care of but we were becoming well rounded individuals. My mom was always striving to make sure we were better; intellectually, spiritually, mentally etc. The unyielding passion my mom has for us is unmatched by any. 
My mom is a woman who re-defines what it means to go above and beyond. 
My mom is the kind of person who wakes up several hours earlier than I do on the morning of the Boston Marathon to run to Walgreens to get me extra socks/tights to keep warm during the race.
My mom is the kind of person who will text me at 2am reminding me to be safe while I am at college because she had a "feeling". (A feeling that was dead-on by the way!)
My mom is the kind of person who will rearrange her schedule to coordinate with my after-school plans (track meets etc).
My mom is the kind of person who will commit to driving me miles away every Saturday to pursue an expensive and time-consuming hobby.
My mom is the kind of person who can make any cloudy day a little bit sunnier with her jokes, advice and love.
My mom is the kind of person who always knows just what to say when I am having a bad day or don't know what to do in a tough situation.
My mom is the kind of person that will stop at nothing to help the ones she loves.
My mom is the kind of person that was just meant to be a mother because of how much she sacrifices, how much she cares, how much she gives up, how hard she works for her family.
My mom is the biggest reason for the woman I am today and for the way I carry myself today because of her influence.
My mom is such a great mother I have no desire to even become a mother because I wouldn't be able to replicate even a fraction of the love and hard work she commits to our family to which I feel would be a disservice to the family name.
There is no one greater, stronger, more loving, hard working and passionate than my mom.

 I love you Mom.
Happy Mother's Day!    

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