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Thursday, May 9, 2013

PRIORITIZE Your Health & Wellness

As a certified fitness professional, I hear a lot of things/excuses from people regarding their schedules and abilities (or lack thereof) to exercise/make time for heir health.

I'm writing this post based on the statements made during a conversation I had yesterday with a member of mine. She had spent twenty minutes or so expressing frustration about her diet and weight loss issues. She went into detail regarding the typical ups and downs of weight loss; the roller coaster of emotions and weight change. After listening to her intently and conveying my understanding for her situation, since it is a struggle well-known by the majority of the population, I really did not have that much sympathy for her. As a certified fitness professional, I have heard this story or ones similar to it almost daily. It's not that I don't understand or have compassion for their struggles, but is time for some BRUTAL HONESTY.

The degree of passion which my members/clients/friends express frustration  is severely unmatched by their commitment to making time for their health and wellness. The conversation I had with this particular woman yesterday just really pushed me over the edge when I asked her about her routine and some of the basic and simplest ways to control her weight. I asked her about the amount of water she was consuming on a daily basis (2-3 bottles a day )as well as the number of hours of sleep she was able to get a night(about 5-6 hours). When I suggested she work on increasing her water consumption she had a laundry list of excuses; that would make her have to go to the bathroom; soda tastes better; carrying that many water bottles is heavy etc. It was the same story when I suggested she turn off the TV and get an extra hour of sleep. Her reaction to my less TV option was, "Oh no! I have my shows I must watch" and of course " kids stay up fairly late..."

This is what is wrong with people these days. Complain about how much they struggle and want to change their current health and fitness condition and yet they prioritize things that actually contribute to declining health! Since when does a silly stupid TV show dictate how your operate your daily life schedule? Maybe times have changed, but I do know that I am the same person before and after I watch TV/movie etc. I was raised by two wonderful parents who were very strict an implemented a no TV during the week policy in addition to a 7pm bed time (8pm during high school). At the time I really did not like them for it, but I am a better person for it now. I have the discipline and structure to create a balanced lifestyle with prioritized schedule. I have taken it a step further in that I actually sold my TV, canceled my cable and only watch shows, predominantly sporting events, at the gym. 

 TV shows should not be a priority in your life, especially if you are a parent! Be a proper role model to yourself and your family! I'm not saying you have to create rules as strict as what I was raised with, but a little reorganization and prioritizing will benefit your family, quality of life and overall health greatly.

- Turn OFF TV an hour early and go to bed!
- Tivo your TV show and FF through commercials to shorten the length of time watching.
- Watch your show and use the commercials to be active (Push-ups, Sit-ups, Jumping Jacks etc).
- Encourage your entire family to restrict their TV usage.
- Issue a family challenge: No TV for a week. You will be amazed at how productive you will be.

Stop making excuses and start prioritizing your health!

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