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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hanging Abdominal Moves

It seems those flat, wash-board abs are the holy grail of fitness. To get those well-defined abs proves that hard work and the proper diet truly pays off. Commercials and infomercials have shown abs being worked and tortured in every possible way, promising you a flat stomach in just "minutes a day". Guess What? THEY ALL LIE.

The hard truth is that a well defined core is a product of good genes, proper diet and effective exercise. Some people have fantastic genes and can eat crappy food without working out and still have a flat stomach. Others will work out frantically but still eat an improper diet and won't see the benefit of their efforts while some eat right and have the genes but aren't working out as efficiently as possible.

Working the core is something that should be precise and specific to your body. A common method of working the abs is the dreaded crunch or somehow laying down on the ground. The majority of movement people do is a variety of standing, sitting, lying down etc. So why spend all that time on the floor?

Here are some great ab moves using Hanging Ab Straps.

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