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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Motivational Tactics

The last post with Edison's phrase got me thinking...
What if we were all to reach our fullest potential and achieve our dreams?
What would that journey be like?

You see it in magazine, movies and interviews. The story of how someone who accomplished their dream got there. It's usually a dramatic story involving obstacles, failures, defeat that eventually lead to perseverance and later success. Fitness can be considered quite a journey itself. Some people struggle with the beginning stages, other are stuck in a rut and some are facing those minor details standing in the way of their dream.

Sometimes it takes a little motivation and analysis to achieve goals. It's easier to look at a situation and pinpoint the problem when things are organized. What better way to organize your fitness endeavors than with a journal! Logging your workouts and what you eat can help you track your efforts and progress. It also makes it easier to pinpoint why those crunches or early morning runs aren't as effective as they used to be.

But how to start? What if you're not very organized? What details should be included in this journal?

No Fear! I have looked at several programs and selected several that have helped my clients as well as myself a great deal.

Top Fitness Journals/Organizers:

- Fitlosophy's FitBook:
Small and compact so it's easy to carry around. Keep track of every great thing you're doing to keep yourself fit and healthy.

- Oxygen Magazine's No Pain No Gain Training Journal:
Who better than the experts of fitness to create a training journal! Use this training logbook to track your improvements and progress.

- BodyMinder's Workout & Exercise Journal:
Journal all of your workouts and your meals in one place. Extra sections to track your water intake and your moods. This journal has it all.

- FatSecret's Calorie Counter:

If you're a Blackberry addict like me, you probably use your Blackberry for everything imaginable. Good news for Blackberry/Smartphone & Fitness fans! FatSecret has come out with a FREE application that can be downloaded to your smart phone. It counts calories, calculates calorice expenditure and tracks your weight progress. Everything a fitness mogul needs in the palm of your hand!

Keep that motivation up and continue your path to fulfill your dreams despite any obstacles that arise. Once you finally get there people will surely ask about your journey.

What will your story be?

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