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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Track Workout: Quick & EFFICIENT

Sure you can go for a 6 mile run or a 10 mile bike ride, but why not challenge your body for something a little more intense? High intensity workouts have shown to burn fat rather efficiently. Short bursts of high intensity with periods of rest or low level intensity makes for an efficient and quick workout.

Try this QUICK track workout:

Level 1 - Those Fairly New to Exercise:
1. Jog 100m
2. Walk 100m
Repeat 2-10 times

Level 2 - Consistently Exercising
1. Run 100m
2. Walk/Jog 100m
Repeat 2-10 times

Level 3 - Those in Conditioning Phase
1. Sprint 100m
2. Run 100m
Repeat 2-10 times

Note: 100m is 1/4 of a track. You could walk the curves and run the straightaways or vice versa.

Switch it up and be efficient!
Good Luck & Get Fit.

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