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Thursday, October 21, 2010


In this economy, it may be hard to afford a gym membership, that pricey gym equipment or the extra gas mileage to the gym.
No problem!

Here are four moves to BURN FAT and TONE without a single piece of equipment.

Using just your body's own weight you can perform the following four moves:
- Repeat each move 2-10 times
--> 2: Beginners
--> 5-6: Intermediate
--> 10: Advanced

1. Lunge Jumps:

- Start out in a lunge position.
- Hop up and switch legs to land in a lunge again.
- Repeat 2-10x

2. Squat Jumps:

- Start in squat position.
- Jump straight up as high as you can.
(For easier move: Keep arms on hips. For difficult move: Reach arms up overhead with each jump)
- Land softly and lower into squat position again without pausing.
- Repeat 2-10x

3. Push-Ups:

- On your hands & knees or hands & toes.
- Lower yourself slowly until chest almost touches the floor.
- Push your body back up until arms are straight (DON'T Lock Your Elbows!)
(Keep your body rigid for good form)
- Repeat

4. Mountain Climbers:

- Similar to push-up position but you will bring your knees to your chest.
- Bring 1 knee to chest.
- Kick leg back out while bringing opposite knee to chest.
- Repeat

Repeat this 4 move cycle as many times as you can.

Video of Entire 4 Moves Cycle:

You have all the equipment you need to get fit within your own body.
Save some money, save time and get fit!

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