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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Excuses Eliminated! - Part II

Excuses are the most common thing I hear when talking to people about fitness, diet and exercises.

I've compiled a list of common excuses and rebuttals - This is Part II.

This list is for inspiration, motivation or even for those who may say these excuses to themselves and talk themselves out of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Excuse #6:
"I am definitely not athletic... Running/Cycling is not for me."
- Who cares! You don't have to be athletic to exercise and be healthy. If you don't like running or cycling, that's fine. Find activities you like to do: Walking to dog, Window shopping, swimming at the beach etc.

Excuse #7:
"I don't see the point to exercise. I'm fine with my weight."
- The list of advantages for exercise is endless. Exercise has been scientifically proven to lead to a healthier, happier life whether you're 20yrs old, 90yrs old, recovering from surgery or suffering from high blood pressure etc. Exercise has been proven to make people feel better and even prevent diseases.

Excuse #8:
"I'm on a diet, shouldn't that be enough?"
- Exercising helps burn calories faster than just dieting. Add 10-15 minutes of walking to your regimen and see results faster.

Excuse #9:
"I have a bad knee, bad ankle etc..."
- Chronic pain can be a serious issue and prevent most people from wanting to work out. There are ways to stay fit even with serious pain/injury. Check with your physician or personal trainer on specific exercises for you to do to lessen the pain and increase mobility.

Excuse #10:
"I'm too stressed out or too tired!"
- Exercise increases energy levels and boosts serotonin levels which helps to increase mental function and reduce stress.

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