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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gym Lingo - Translated & Explained

Going to a new gym is scary all on it's own for some people while others find it difficult just to gather up the motivation for a workout. Set your mind at ease knowing that this blog post is here to help lessen the intensity of a visit to the gym.

What about all those crazy words and phrases the 'regulars' are using?
Some may barely understand sentences they put together (and that doesn't include all the moaning & groaning)!

Sets - Group of exercises. For example, if you do 10 crunches that's 1 set.

Reps - When you perform an exercise. For example, you lift a dumbbell up for a bicep curl and then lower it; that's 1 rep.

Rest Period - The time in between sets. This can be strategically timed to yield different physical results. For example, a higher amount of weight and a longer rest period will yield different results than a higher amount of weight and a shorter rest period.

Aerobic - Meaning your body uses oxygen to convert to energy. The majority of movement/exercise done is aerobic. For example, running, biking, skiing, rollerblading, elliptical, cardio classes etc.

Anaerobic - Meaning your body is converting energy without oxygen. This would be exercise/movement requiring something of high intensity like sprints, heavy weight training, performance events like marathons, triathlons, basketball games etc.

Heart Rate - The rate at which your heart beats (pumps blood to the body). Measured in beats per minute or BPM.

Max Heart Rate - The maximum rate at which the heart can pump blood to the rest of the body. You should NEVER go above your Max Heart Rate. Typical quick calculation is 220 - Your Age. This will give you a rough estimate of your Max Heart Rate.

Valsalva Maneuver
- Term referring to lifting weight while holding your breath. This is very dangerous and can end in fatality. Refrain from ever holding your breath while working out. Be sure to exhale on the exertion or on the hardest part of the lift.

Circuit Training - Workout routines requiring little to no rest. This would prove beneficial to challenge your body to condition itself to improve cardiovascular ability.

'Jump In/Work In' - When someone at the gym wants to use the same machine as you, they may ask to jump/work in. This means they want to use the machine on your alternate sets; so when you finish your set, they will perform their set while you rest before your next set. Basically it's a you go, then I go format.

'On This' - If someone asks you if you are on this, they are likely trying to get on the machine you are standing near or working on. There is also a chance that they are trying to tell you to stop wasting time on the machine and move on. Be sure to be time effective and perform your workout efficiently during high-traffic times at the gym.

'Get A Spot' - If someone asks to have a spot they are looking for assistance to complete their set. Never offer to spot if you are not physically able to do so or have no experience spotting someone.

Now that you've learned a handful of new words and phrases, you should feel more apt and confident to hit the gym and get results.

Good Luck and Go Lift!

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