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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


For all those procrastinators out there, time is running out for holiday gift shopping! What about those who have finished shopping but cannot figure out what to get those two pesky people that are impossible to shop for? How about that athlete that has EVERYTHING, what to get them?

Grab some eggnog, take your laptop over to the fire and relax. I'm writing to help everyone out who is stumped for gift ideas, struggling to find what to get the casual exerciser or the committed athlete and those who just need better fitness gift ideas under a budget; because let's face it we could all use some extra spending money.

Here is the SPORTSnFITNESS Holiday Gift Guide:

Exercise Ball (For all levels)
- This makes a great gift for a beginner or novice or even conditioned athletes. The exercise ball can be used in so many different ways to work the body in and outside of the gym.
- Be sure to get the right size (55cm for shorter, 65cm or 70cm for taller/larger) which can start as low as $7-$15 at Wal-mart, Target, etc.

Diet Dorm Planner (For the college-bound)
- Avoid the dreaded freshman 15 with this planner. Let's face it, even a college senior would benefit from this book.
- Find this gem online (try, Amazon, eBay & others) for under $10.

Heart Rate Monitor (For the beginner or novice exerciser)
- Keeping track of exercise intensity with a heart rate monitor ensures higher success. Great gift and easy to use!
- There are a variety of monitors ranging from $20-$200, so be sure to investigate or present a gift where they pick it out and you pay for it.

Fitness DVDs (For all ages and levels)
- Change things up with a fitness themed DVD. If they are always using the same DVD or their daily walks are getting stale, switch it up with a Tai Chi, ZUMBA DVD workout. These run from $15-$25.
- For the more conditioned exerciser, try something more intense and demanding like P90x, but beware this DVD set will cost you in the neighborhood of $100.

Yoga Mat (For the serenity or aerobics type)
- Yoga mats are great whether you do yoga or not. Even those who are always doing aerobics classes would benefit from their own mat rather than using public mats at the gym.
- There are a variety of patterns, styles and thickness which range from $12-$80.

Jump Rope (For all levels & ages)
- Jump ropes are great for portable cardio. Perfect for the frequent traveler or those who don't have a gym membership.
- Most ropes are within $7-15 range. (Try Toy store before heading to sports stores to save some cash)

Toning Shoes (For all levels)
- These shoes are great for additional support and of course for toning up the backside of the body.
- These can range from $40-$100 (Reebok, Skechers, New Balance etc) and be sure to get the correct size!

George Foreman Grill (For the grill master/meat lover)
- These popular grills are great for reducing fat and grease while grilling.
- These grills come in a variety of sizes and options (removable grilling plates for easier washing) ranging from $14-$90.

Iron Gym (For at home workouts)
- This piece of equipment is great for at home workouts and is very versatile. Use for pull ups, dips, abs, push-ups and more! All they need is a door frame and they will be fitter in no time!
- There are several variations of the Iron Gym, but are essentially same thing ranging $20-$40. You can also pick up Ab Straps for $20 as an add-on.

Fit Deck Workout Cards (For those at a plateau)
- These cards are great for someone who has hit a plateau in their workout regime. These portable cards are great for those who travel and can even be used by professionals! (I personally use them for my clients)
- There are all different categories and package deals with price from $20-$60. (

Healthy Gift Basket (For the health-conscious)
- Trash those gift baskets with bruised fruit or cookies and candy. These healthy gift baskets are chock-full of healthy and nutritious items like salmon, nut mix, dried fruit, fiber-rich pastas etc.
- You can even shop by category, Ex: Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan etc with prices ranging $40-$80. (

Kettlebells (For the intermediate/advanced)
- If you're willing to splurge and you know they will appreciate and use the kettlebells, I would highly recommend them! Kettlebells are a great dynamic alternative for dumbbells and typical weight machines.
- Be sure to get the right weights and of course have a trainer or someone who is knowledgeable on these. Kettlebells range from $20-$80 depending on weight.

Billy Blanks AB Bootcamp (For those pesky abs)
- For anyone looking to target the pesky stomach pooch, this is a great DVD to use! I personally use this DVD and swear by it (sore every time!). It's a great investment and a lot of fun, for under $20. (Try eBay, Amazon, Overstock, FYE etc.)

Reflective SPI Belt (For the dedicated runner)
- For the committed runner you know who runs at 4am, 11pm and never takes a day off. This belt sits low not to irritate and has a reflective belt with zipper pouch.
- The belt costs $30 and is available in select sports store or on their website (

Gym Membership (For EVERYONE!)
- Everyone should be in a gym working to achieve better health and wellness. For those who have New Year's Resolutions to improve their health, this is the perfect gift.
- Depending on facility, you can buy just 1st month of membership or pay in full (PIF) for a year, two years etc.

Personal Training Gift Certificate (For EVERYONE!)
- Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer. Even professional athletes have a personal trainer, so why not you and your friends?!
- Depending on the facility, you may choose a dollar amount ($75, $100 etc) or a package of sessions (12sessions, 24 sessions 48sessions).

Hopefully these gift ideas help solve your gift dilemmas or get you thinking about other gift options.

Good Luck!
Happy and Healthy Holidays!

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